Chuck that list!

I’m officially chucking off my bucket list. In fact, I’m chucking any kind of bucket list. The only thing I have achieved in my bucket list is..well…the list. And you know what… I don’t need the list. I will do it in my own sweet time. Forget the age, I have a lifetime to achieve not only my bucket list (which had only 4 items by the way), but many other stuff which I didn’t have the brains and maturity to come up with when I made that list.

See that is why you need to throw away the list. You can call it rantings of a cynic or a failed achiever who couldn’t strike off any single item from her list, but trust me it’s more than that (and that too!) First of all, a list always limits you into thinking these are the stuff you want to do. I always wanted to go to Rome, but I went to Belgium instead. An equally beautiful experience, but technically not in the list. I know I’ll probably visit Rome in the future, but I never think I had the opportunity to strike off an item from my list but then Belgium happened!

Secondly, lists change. Or at least they should. You make a list at the age of 14 to fall in love, go to the best college. You are 21 and you make the list to find the right man, to get a good job, you are 35 you end up striking all off because it’s nonsense and add, ‘find more time for myself’ or ‘go backpacking’ or simply ‘disappear’.  What might be in you bucket list at the age of 12 will seem different at the age of 35.

Most importantly, the real things don’t come in your list. The things which you should run for are the one which run at the back of your mind day and night. The ones which you have pushed back because reality has hit you. The one that may not make you scream in exhilaration but bring that contentment in your heart when you say, yes I did it.’ That is the list that matters. The one not jotted down in numbers but the one that push you towards yourself.

PS – I really need to update my list though!!


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